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Women's idols in exhibition

...seen at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna such as Claudia-Maria Luenig's 'Black Widow' which is made of crochet material and looks like a black veil-tent and evokes associations with mourning clothes but also the 'veil of oblivion' which is inherent to the figure of a 'Black Widow' and the eponymous spider which eats male - nothing left, no traces, only silence.

The sculpture is part of the exhibition of pre-historic and contemporary female role models under the title 'Idol' (until 6 January 2015). The exploration of the image of women goes over thousand years from clay figures of the Early Period as symbols of fertility and erotic to installations, videos, etc by contemporary artists who explore the creation of identity of today's women with partly cynical-humorous works such as Augusta Laar's installation 'Große Puppenklinik' (transl. from German 'Large Dolls Clinic').

On Sunday the 14th December 2014, exhibition curator Katja Rid will guide through the world of women's idols; afterwards, guests can join the talk with the artists Claudia-Maria Luenig, Sabine Groschup, Stephanie Guse, Mela Kaltenegger (Die 4 Grazien), Ina Loitzl, Christiane Spatt and Susanne Thiemann. Free admission! Künstlerhaus publishes the announcement with the inviting words (from German): "We look forward to an artistic and contemplative 3rd Sunday of Advent!"

fig.: 'Black Widow' by Claudia-Maria Luenig, 2011 (doppelter Silikonfaden, gehäkelt, Stahlstruktur, Neonlicht, Höhe 220 cm, Durchmesser 200 cm). Part of the exhibition 'Idol' from 24 October 2014 until 6 January 2015 at Künstlerhaus Vienna.

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