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Charity chairs for children's hospitals and communities

It's easier to help others when you have money! That's the idea behind all the charities that run in these days before Xmas. The following one is not a charity sale like in cosmetics or fashion industry usual, but a charity financed by a furniture producer's good profit from the whole year. Other economic sectors, other charity strategies.

In 2014, the German furniture producer Löffler has made so much profit that they are donating charity chairs to children's hospitals and communities. The foreseeable joy of the children about the colorful chairs is in two ways the gift of Löffler's customers as Löffler's money for Xmas presents for customers was calculated additionally into the donation. The chairs (worth 25.000.- Euros) went to medical and social institutions in Bavaria and Vienna already in early December 2014. Löffler sent the information with the words: "The children would like to thank most sincerely Löffler's customers." (transl. from German).

List of hospitals and communities: Kinderstation des Klinikums Nürnberg, Kinderhorts und Kindertagesstätten der Diakonie Neuendettelsau, SOS-Kinderdorf Nürnberg-Schweinau, Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe Stiftung in Erlangen, Kinderspital St. Anna in Vienna, Hans Radl Schule Vienna.

fig.: Orange, green, yellow, red 'Juniör' children chairs by Löffler in a group; one of the chairs costs 99.- Euros. 'Juniör' children's chairs in the amount of 25.000.- Euros were donated by Löffler to medical and social institutions in the first December week in 2014. The Juniör chair was designed by Günter Beltzig in 1966. The material of the chair is free of pollutants and can be recycled fully. More about Juniör on

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