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TV goes mobile

...seen on 8 July 2014 at Nokia's new Lumia 930 smartphone which is in stores since this week with pre-installed apps such as the one by online movie and TV-series (around 50.000) provider maxdome (usage for 6 months for free).
Releases in Germany and Austria happen normally at the same time; only in some cases with country-specific differences; the maxdome app is for users in Germany; Austrians can listen free music via radio app. In Austria, TV is a hot theme. For many years the almost untouchable governmental TV station dominated even the media research market which reported only numbers for usage in Austria - even for online publications. This way, country's own content and TV-makers couldn't grow as the advertising budget was limited by the statistics to the state borders too. This limited consequently also export activities of Austrian content producers, kept them out of other markets and made the country open for imports of new technologies such as Netflix which is now one of the big hopes of Austrian TV users to get movies online; it is announced that the online service starts this year.

Well, the screen (5 '') of the Nokia Lumia 930 is prepared for new movie and TV online services in Austria!

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