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Peek & Cloppenburg's bachelor program for studying and training on the job

Today on 11 March 2014, fashion department store chain Peek & Cloppenburg announced that the call for new students of the (accredited) bachelor and career program in Austria is open. The studying and training on the job program starts on 1 August 2014. It offers students the chance to work in the fashion business during their studies which are organized by Peek & Cloppenburg in cooperation with FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management Essen in Vienna. The 'Duales Bachelor Studium' runs over 3,5 years and ends with the Bachelor for Arts degree in Business Administration. Applications can be sent via

fig.: The images show two participants of the 'Duales Bachelor Studium' organized by Peek & Cloppenburg. Marie Schneider (22 years old) is since 2012 DBS student at P&C and Emaad Otynski (21 years old) is since 2010 at P&C and since 2012 DBS student. Both are enjoying the combination of theoretical and practical work with a regular monthly income of 1,450 Euros (when accepting a leadership position during the study period at least 2,300.- Euros). Photos provided by Peek & Cloppenburg on 11 March 2014; (C) Fotostudio Wieland-Duesseldorf.

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