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Maria Hassabi's 'Premiere' will be on view on 27 and 28 September 2014 at Steirischer Herbst in Austria. Photo: Marialena Marouda.

'Sharing' and what it means for art

From 26 September until 19 October 2014, the Austrian festival Steirischer Herbst will present new stage productions like dance, theatre, as well as music or visual art under the inspiring theme 'Sharing' - not only in the meaning of 'sharing' as we know from social media (such as the video below is in its embed mode a shared object) also in the meaning of our economic and political life outside of the internet world. Even when society has learned already how to share digitally, it is still a problem to serve market profits and losses in a just way. "The question then is how we really understand community..." approaches Steirischer Herbst this year's leitmotif with a sociological question.

Fashionoffice received the printed catalogue and found many interesting productions around 'sharing' such as the one which is presented on this page. It invites to think about the role of the producer (artist) and the viewers of art and the intedependencies between both, the 'sender' and the 'recipients'.

Choreographer, performer Maria Hassabi's tableau vivant 'Premiere' is about the impact of the audience on the artwork. By following the thoughts of Hassabi, the artwork can only exist because of the expectations of the viewer. From this point of view, the artwork and the artist never stand alone - but in interchange with the ones who interpret the work's content and fill it with meaning. "'Premiere' is not just a meditation on change and a game of expectations, but also a confrontation of privacy and publicness, fragility and prestige, process and product," is Maria Hassabi's production explained on

Video: Introduction by Cyprus-born, New York-based Maria Hassabi who speaks about her ideas behind the stage performance 'Premiere' which will have its (German-language region) premiere on 27 September 2014 during Steirischer Herbst in Graz in Austria.

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