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Performance 2014 reviews:

Top articles about collaborations Fashion X Culture in 2014

The following ranking after pageviews concerns the performance of articles about collaborations of fashion labels with other cultural fields; in the case of the top performing articles with pop/opera/ice skating, art/fashion installations and social/environmental activism.

Top articles about collaborations Fashion X Culture in 2014: (Articles written in 2014, published on Fashionoffice, category 'culture', data source of the pageview ranking: Google Analytics 1 January - 18 December 2014, Fashionoffice geography on view on Quantcast; latest data: month November 40% US, 8% UK, 7% BE...).

Ali Mahdavi's first sketch for lingerie pop opera on ice

Intimissimi unveiled the first sketch by Ali Mahdavi for the 'Intimissimi On Ice – Opera Pop' at the Arena di Verona...

Marios Schwab at Swarovski Wien

London-based fashion designer Marios Schwab guided to five windows on two of three floors at Swarovski in Vienna. The name 'Chiarascura' is...

Ali Rahimi presents Vivienne Westwood's carpet

...which was produced in collaboration with The Rug Company for the Blue Heart campaign against human trafficking...

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