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Art Route Venice
on occasion of La Biennale di Venezia, 56th International Art Exhibition; map

(Impressions from the press preview on 6 May)
12 May 2015

The reception of the art at the Russian Pavilion

The Guardian listed the Russian Pavilion on top place of the best pavilions of the Biennale Venice. And yes, it's impressing when entering the staging by (the first female artist of the Russian Pavilion ever) Irina Nakhova whose oversized helmet of a pilot welcomes the visitors at the first room. The pilot's eyes (the eyes are the ones of the artist herself) seem to fall into unconsciousness in one moment and awake at the other for searching around. The first thing people may think of is the conflict in the Ukraine. (By the way: A group of Ukrainian artists occupied during the press preview the Russian Pavilion. Article)

When the first room with the dead-alive-searching pilot was oppressive, the next is nothing for the ones who aren't prepared for funeral-like situations. The dark room evokes the impression as if dying is under certain circumstances (such as war) randomly caused. Two squares in the size of graves change their transparencies to opaque in relation to the light that is thrown on them and the position where the visitor is standing - but it needs time to find out how the art work interacts with the light and angles for seeing the people some metres under.

The third room with its colors red and green symbolizes the history of Russia: revolutionary red and perestroika green.

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