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Carega chair by Heidemarie Leitner at Löffler, 18 January 2015

1960s chair prototype in re-edition almost 50 years later

Take care what you do during your time as a student! A designer who used the time, participated in the right call and stays with her prototype since almost 50 years in conversation is Heidemarie Leitner.

Already in October 2014, German furniture producer Löffler launched the 'Carega' by the Austrian Heidemarie Leitner who designed the prototype of the chair in 1967 during her time as student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her professor Alfred Soulek (class Interior Design and Furniture) started a call for the re-design of the stackable 'Goldsessel', the Gold Chair which is used as guest seat at the Wiener Hofburg. Leitner's design impressed Löffler for a re-edition based on the former student's prototype which was ranked in the variation 'Carega 44' under the top ten at the 26th Promosedia in Udine in 2002. It's announced that the 'Carega' will be officially included into the current furniture collection at Löffler's Viennese store from February 2015.

fig.: 'Carega' chairs in maple nature oiled, cherry wood oiled and red colored maple produced by Löffler; 'Careka' designer Mag. Heidemarie Leitner. Photo 'Carega' chairs (C) Freudenberger Fotografie.

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