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7 October 2015

Austrian children's book illustrators' work at Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava

Currently, 15 Austrian illustrators of children's books present their work at BIB 2015, the international Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava in the capital city of Slovakia. The children's book illustrations from all over the world are on view at Kunsthalle Bratislava until 25 October 2015. The 15 Austrian illustrators were collected by the design organization designaustria under the aspect best children's book illustrations of the last two years.

fig.: One of the selected BIB 2015 illustrators from Austria is the former elementary school teacher Helga Bansch for her illustrations of author Heinz Janisch's book 'Die Hüte der Frau Strubinski' (could be translated as 'The hats of Mrs Strubinski'), published via Jungbrunnen. The (German language) story is about Mrs Strubinski and her hat store where she finds for each visitor the matching head wear - matching in the meaning of good looking as well as the positive effect of the hat on the wearer. The double meaning of hat, head wear is according to critics by the press central at the book.

The other Austrian illustrators and children's books at BIB 2015 are:
Philipp Comarella with »Alle meine Freunde. Über den Umgang mit Facebook und Co«
Renate Habinger with »Kritzl & Klecks« and »Familie Maus«
Verena Hochleitner with »Kritzl & Klecks« and »Das Gänseblümchen, die Katze und der Zaun«
Leonora Leitl with »Ich habe keinen Fogel!«
Anka Luger with »So, wie Valentina möchte«
Monika Maslowska with »Die Lokomotive«
Karoline Neubauer with »König Nesselbart«
Nanna Prieler with »Wenn ich ein grosser Fuchs bin...«
Susanne Riha with »Komm mit hinaus!«
Michael Roher with »Sorriso«
Dorothee Schwab with »Als ich noch nicht geboren war«
Alexander Strohmaier with »Nasenraub in Anderland«
Michaela Weiss with »Das Nilpferd«
Linda Wolfsgruber with »Arche«

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