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2 July 2015

Exhibition tip for Paris Fashion Week visitors
Ready-to-wear shows will run from 29 September until 7 October 2015.

Art photographer Isabelle Chapuis and artist végétal Duy Anh Nhan Duc on the beauty of the organic world

From 8 September until 4 November 2015, two series by photographer Isabelle Chapuis and artist végétal Duy Anh Nhan Duc will be presented at the exhibition 'Féminin Singulier' at Galerie Bettina in Paris. Images from the two series were already on view in magazines and one of them - 'Dandeloin' - at the iconic store Colette.

fig.: 'Dandelion' series by art photographer Isabelle Chapuis and artist végétal Duy Anh Nhan Duc. Photos provided by Galerie Bettina; (C) Isabelle Chapuis, All rights reserved.

The work series 'Dandelion' pays homage to the beauty of the organic world and carry an inherent transience. A video on Duy Anh Nhan Duc's website shows the making-of vegetal sculptures which can be described as almost poetical transformations - such as the two examples on this page: the flowering plant dandelion was transformed into a jewellery-like object (image right), the dandelion's seed-heads were spun into a fabric-like face net (picture below). The fashion, jewellery sculptures can be seen as traditional signs of human evanescence and make at the same time aware of the transitoriness of nature in general. With her images, Isabelle Chapuis captured this short time of existence.

The second collaborative series is named 'Etamine' (word for a loosely woven cotton fabric). The 'threads' of the art fabric are composed from petals of various flowers (carnations, anemones, irises, chrysanthemums) and fusioned with the skin. The photos of the organic work have a refreshing appeal and make think of beauty campaign imagery - such as for moisturizing skin care or perfume.

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