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13 March 2015

Anne Frank portrait by Gabriele Seethaler is the latest new art piece at the collection of the Jewish Museum Vienna

In April, it will be 70 years that the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was liberated. One of the persons who died there left with her diaries footprints in history. Her name is Anne Frank. She died in March 1945, some weeks before the liberation of Bergen-Belsen. The exact date when in March isn't known. Several media remember history by following the tracks of the 15 years old girl such as The Independent (article from today) where some quotes of Anne Frank's diary are published.

Today, the Austrian photo artist Gabriele Seethaler and her gallerist Martin Suppan donated a portrait of Anne Frank from the series 'Femmes Immortelles' to the Jewish Museum Vienna. The art work was handed out to the director of the museum Dr. Danielle Spera. The 'Femmes Immortelles' series depicts mainly original photos but also paintings of women like Coco Chanel, Mona Lisa, Marie Curie, Bertha von Suttner or Hannah Arendt in a sort of layered collage (multi exposured photograph). The additional pictures which are layered over these portraits are in many cases monuments like at the Anne Frank portrait the sculpture of the diarist and writer. The sculpture was created by Mari Andriessen in 1977 for a place nearby the location where Frank and her family lived hidden from the Nazi regime in Amsterdam. Gabriele Seethaler's series is like a track search through history to the manifestations of these women in our times.

fig. from left: Gallery owner Martin Suppan (Galerie Suppan Contemporary), Danielle Spera (Director of Jewish Museum Vienna) und photo artist Gabriele Seethaler on 13 March 2015 at the Jewish Museum in Vienna. Photo: (C) Jüdisches Museum Wien / Sonja Bachmayer.

Event tip: On 17 March, the Jewish Museum Vienna invites to the presentation of Paul Glaser's book 'Die Tänzerin von Auschwitz' which is about the author's aunt, a dancer from Amsterdam. "During a visit to Auschwitz, Paul Glaser discovered a suitcase with his surname on it. ..." More on

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