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9 March 2015

Liquid Loft dance performance about people's social media behaviour

...will premiere under the title 'False Colored Eyes' on 29 April 2015 at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. Austrian choreographer Chris Haring's dance company 'Liquid Loft' references Andy Warhol's 'Screen Tests' (short, relatively static film portraits of celebrities like media critic Susan Sontag and anonymous visitors) from the 1960s as well as today's people social media behaviour of presenting oneself as private person in the public in the best way (keyword: selfies).

Chris Haring founded Liquid Loft in 2005 and is known for staging his dance performances as multimedia-sound-light-art dramatic works about contemporary culture; in 2007, Liquid Loft received the Golden Lion for 'Best Performance' at the Biennale in Venice.

fig.: Dance performance 'False Colored Eyes' by Chris Haring's company 'Liquid Loft' (premiere on 29 April 2015, Vienna). Photo: (C) Chris Haring. 'False Colored Eyes' is a co-production of ImPulstanz Festival and Burgtheater Vienna. The sale of the tickets started today.

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