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3 December 2015

Sustainability through functional and useful design

The upcoming exhibition 'No Name Design' by Franco Clivio at MKG Hamburg (11 December 2015 until 3 April 2016) presents around 1000 pieces created by in many cases anonymous designers such as the mold for rubber gloves on view on this page. Daily used items without the glamorous light of designer-branding around them is the theme of Swiss Grand Award for Design winner, product designer and teacher Franco Clivio who is collecting "since he has trouser pockets" such as Clivio states. Learning from daily used items counts to his 'éducation permanente' strategy for the creation of products which can ease life. Clivio's functional designs such as Gardena's gardening products, the Lamy pen 'Dialog 3' with twist mechanism, the Lamy 'Pico' expandable pen, or lightning systems for Erco (for Guggenheim New York or Louvre in Paris) are since several decades on the market.

At the MKG Hamburg exhibition 'No Name Design', objects like eyewear, scissors or gloves will be shown at 30 vitrines in the arrangement by photographer and co-curator Hans Hansen. In 29 chapters, Clivio tells the story behind the items, accompanied by 40 photo sequences about the objects' usage, and a filmic portrait which provides an insight into his way of looking at things.

fig.: Mold for rubber gloves. Manufacturing rubber gloves requires molds with flawlessly smooth surfaces. Ceramic is ideal. The form is dipped into the latex; when it has dried, the glove can be peeled off. Photo: Hans Hansen.

Selected objects of Franco Clivio's 'No Name Design' collection with closer description are published at the ca. 12 meters long 'Accordion Book'.

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