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Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz, 29 January 2015

Vossen's collaboration with Olympic gold medalist Felix Gottwald for a 40-days life energy boosting period


Today, I attended the press conference organized by the Austrian textile (terry toweling fabric) and home wear (towels, bathmats, bathrobes) company Vossen for the presentation of the brand's 'Energy Weeks' collaboration with Olympic gold, silver, bronze medalist and life energy expert Felix Gottwald (the embedded post shows behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot).

First, I walked through the exhibited collections such as the current from the 'Vienna Style' line; the color worlds are developed at Vossen's in-house design studio and inspired by the art works of Gustav Klimt such as the golden color 'Honey' by the painting 'The Kiss' or the most successful towel color of the line, the watery blue 'Light Azure' by Klimt's portrait of Viennese designer 'Emilie Flöge'. But the soft products weren't the main topic today.

Felix Gottwald who is an expert in the mobilization of vitality is Vossen's collaborative partner for the upcoming 'Energy Weeks' - a 40-days online service of tips which arrive day-by-day after the subscription on via email from 18 February until 4 April. The 40-days service coincides in Austria with an annual period of fasting which is practiced by many people and ends one day before Easter Sunday (this year on 5 April). Offline, a display with tip calendar on paper will be installed at selected partner-stores. The aim of the 40-days life energy boosting period is to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle with long-lasting results. It's like a brain and body training for positive habits.

The 40 tips are divided into three categories: Enjoy (nutrition), Feel (by setting the mind free), Move (sports). Enjoy and Move are easy to understand; one of the nutrition tips is for example a recipe for a vitamin-A smoothie; a tip of the category 'Move' is an instruction which will be helpful against (computer caused) muscle tenseness and easy to do even at the office. The third category is the most complicated one: 'Feel'. As far as I understand the 'Feel'-tips they are like spiritual journeys to the power places in mind and emotions - in the memories (for example of childhood dreams) and the re-impression of emotions (such as evoked by letting the thoughts flow while lying relaxed in the bathtub). Unfortunately, I wasn't so inquisitively and read all 'Feel' tips. Well, I have subscribed to the tip service on; we'll see. Perhaps I will become a 'Feel' champ.

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