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15 June 2016

Physical exercises at Aldo Giannotti's art project at Kunsthaus Graz: come in sportswear and get a free entry!

This isn't a joke! Kunsthaus Graz offers free entry to the ones who come in sportswear! The project 'The Museum as a Gym' by the Italian in Vienna living artist Aldo Giannotti runs from 12 June until 21 August at the capital city of the Austrian region Styria. Aldo Giannotti is one of two winners of a competition with the challenge to extend the museum. The Giannotti-extension is a fitness parcours which makes the exhibition spaces physically perceptible. His approach breaks the rules of the acceptable behavior in an art exhibition space and the cultural codes which are associated with the term 'museum'. The artist applied sketches with respect to architectural specifications at various places of the museum. The instructive illustrations explain with easily understandable text and visuals the possible activities at the respective station of the parcours. The traditional training place for the brain (museum) becomes at this project an exercise location for the body (fitness studio) as well; in other words, Giannotti's Kunsthaus Graz becomes a Two in One bundle or Brain-Body package. The additional event series 'Fascial Training' by Elisabeth Kenda offers visitors the chance to strengthen their connective tissue under professional guidance. It runs through July/August; mats, rolls are on site and it's up to you if you come in sportswear.

fig.: Sketch "Sport Suit" by Aldo Giannotti at the art project 'The Museum as a Gym'; on view from 12 June until 21 August 2016 at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria. Courtesy of the artist and projektraum viktor bucher.

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