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31 August 2016

Bart van Leeuwen at the fashion photography collection of art-photo gallery Lumas

Fashion photography is currently prominent theme at the collection of the international art-photo gallery Lumas. Bart van Leeuwen is one of the artists whose pictures were selected by Lumas as examples for the production of fashion images through the art-lens of photographers. Lumas contributes an extensive article about Bart van Leeuwen's life and work with listing of celebrities in front of his camera like Andy Warhol or fashion designers' private collections where his art-photos can be found, as well as an introduction into his cinematographic photography style which is influenced by film noir and neorealism.

On the photographer's website, Bart van Leeuwen speaks about his approach to fashion which is for him more "...than taking pictures of dresses." Fashion photography goes beyond the styling of make up, hair, clothing for a nice picture - for the photographer, it's the reflection of zeitgeist and "...includes art, language, cuisine, literature, architecture, music and even the thinking, popular in a culture at any given time."

fig.: Sorrento 1992, Irah - Light © Bart van Leeuwen,

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