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12 January 2016

Brad Pitt as eyeglass wearer in his new film 'The Big Short' causes eyewear talk

Never believed that eyewear of an actor really can become a theme in daily press and magazines? When the name of the actor is Brad Pitt it can! By searching online after articles about Brad Pitt's eyeglasses in his new film 'The Big Short', it seems as if the Silhouette 'Titan Dynamics Nylor' in gold-brown (5281 6051) are for fashion addicts the essential part of Brad Pitt's role Ben Rickert! But not enough that 'The Big Short' movie about the serious theme - and true story - of the prediction of the housing bubble collapse in the mid-2000s plays on fashion related pages a side-role; even when the production received 4 (!) Golden Globe nominations, fashion reports would rather discuss the style of Brad Pitt on the red carpet (image below) than the content of the film or spend at least some words about the Golden Globe nomination for the Best Screenplay.

What's of the same interest like movie start dates on film sites, is for fashion publications the availability of the mentioned eyewear: yes, both models (the one from the film and the other from the red carpet) are currently available. The movie has started already in US; on 14 January, it will be released in Austria (release dates). Brad Pitt's eyewear in the movie 'The Big Short' is on view at the trailer. (The video on this YouTube address was viewed until today more than 3,7 million times).

fig.: Brad Pitt wore Silhouette 'Titan Minimal Art The Must Collection' in gold with slightly colored glasses (7610 6051) on occasion of 'The Big Short' New York premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on 23 November 2015. Brad Pitt is co-producer of 'The Big Short' and appears in the role 'Ben Rickert'. Photo by James Devaney/WireImage.

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