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3 October 2016

Austrian painter Egon Schiele in a new movie (release 7 Oct), on silver coins, and an exhibition in 2017

Egon Schiele is always in fashion in Austria. Alongside to art colleagues like Gustav Klimt, Schiele represents the beginning of a new era in art in Austria. He counts to the artists of 'Expressionism' and the 'Wiener Moderne' ('Viennese Modernism'). The bourgeois world with narrow rules for free expression - even in art, brought Egon Schiele in conflict with law and some days into prison, which is until today discussed in art circles or the country's schools when it comes to the topic freedom of art.

On 7 October, the new film 'Egon Schiele: Death and the Maiden' (directed by Dieter Berner) about Schiele's relation to his models - especially to his lover and most important muse Wally, will be officially released in Austria (trailer with English subtitles). At the website of the movie, educational material for teachers (fields: German, Art, History) with various topics such as 'The roles of women' or 'Freedom and boundaries of art' is available free for download.

fig. below: Egon Schiele counts to Austrian identity. On occasion of a European initiative, Münze Österreich (Austrian Mint) designed the 'Silver Coin Egon Schiele' in 2012. (On view at the pictures below.) Right, the famous 'Portrait of Wally' (1912) and left, the portrait of Egon Schiele.

The face behind is a detail of a drawing ('Kauernde' or 'Squatting Woman') from the collection of Albertina Museum where next year from 22 February until 18 June 2017, an exhibition is dedicated to the work of Egon Schiele.

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