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26 September 2016

Viennacontemporary insights - part III:
Work about love and destruction by Evelyn Loschy

Art fair 'viennacontemporary' (22 - 25 Sept) - Part I: Press talk viennacontemporary at Marx Halle
Part II: Viennacontemporary insights - part II: Public space sound architects 'Tonspur'

Viennacontemporary 2016 closed yesterday; 28.316 people visited the art fair until 25 September. Next year's viennacontemporary will happen between 21 and 24 September 2017. The ones who had no time to come to this year's edition can still check the online catalogue with listing of galleries and art works such as the Austrian Galerie Michaela Stock and the works by artist Evelyn Loschy. Loschy studied at the University of Applied Arts and presented installations, photography and video. The most impressing for beauty and fashion addicted is probably the mechanical installation of a head which is caressed by a hand (at the image right, left behind the artist). The hand starts to caress the head in the moment the visitor stands before the installation. The movement of the hand destructs slowly but steadily the plaster material of the head and removes first the contours of the face until there is almost nothing left. The interpretation whether it's the hand of another person whose love becomes destructive or the hand that belongs to the body of the head as symbol for auto-destructive narcissistic self-love lies in the eyes of the viewer. Images of the installation are published on

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