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25 February 2016

'Fesch Inside' publisher Cathy Zimmermann's new shopping and styling services

One year ago, Vienna-based TV-personality Cathy Zimmermann founded the online publication 'Fesch Inside' where users can find videos about themes like fashion, beauty or culinary. Recently, she started in collaboration with stylists, make-up artists two services which can be booked online: one is the 'Secret Shopping Tour' for explorations of Vienna on the routes of insiders of the fashion scene; the second is the 'On Location Styling' service which can be booked Austrian-wide. Fashionoffice was interested how the services run in practice and asked Cathy Zimmermann.

The first question concerned a tip for shopping (art inspired, experimental fashion in Vienna), the second, a culinary destination for a couple during a culture-art tour through Vienna, and the third question was aboiut the 'On Location Service' and if it would be possible to book a make-up/hair stylist during Salzburger Festspiele for example.

1 The Shop? 'Fesch Inside' publisher Cathy Zimmermann's tip for the ones who are interested in art inspired, experimental design is the Viennese store 'Eigensinnig' where unconventional fashion by labels like the Australian brand 'Song For The Mute', Tviscia (from Italy) or Inaisce (New York) can be found.

2 The Restaurant? Cathy Zimmermann's culinary tip for the art and culture interested couple which is on tour in Vienna and visited perhaps just an exhibition at the museum of the palace Albertina, is the café-restaurant 'Palmenhaus', a greenhouse in the garden of the Hofburg palace, the so-called Burggarten; the café-restaurant is open 7 days the week (from March).

3 On Location Styling in Salzburg? Cathy Zimmermann's answer to this question is 'Yes', the On Location Styling (make-up, hair, nails) is available Austrian-wide and can be booked directly via the website

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