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23 March 2016

Germany's first garden concept store 'the golden Rabbit' opened with own clothing line and 'Apothecary Garden'

Recently on 18 March, 'the golden Rabbit' store opened at Ackerstrasse 159 in Düsseldorf. It's Germany's first garden concept store and combines gardening with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and art. The store founders Petra Wenzel (image right) and Werner Lippert are known internationally for directing over 15 years exhibitions about art, fashion and popular culture at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. Now, the former museum directors incorporate their approach to popular culture, design and lifestyle into 'the golden Rabbit' with items like seeds for plants which can be used in the kitchen (from tomatoes to herbs), gardening tools such as garden racks or watering cans, beauty & health products at the store's own 'Apothecary Garden' and an own workwear line (images below). Main piece of the collection is the overall made of blue twill. The design is inspired by the 1950s overall design for workers at the hangars of the British Royal Airforce. The pieces are made of environmental friendly (Öko Tex 100 certified) material; what else!

One of the most important German language special interest magazines of the clothing and textile industry TextilWirtschaft presented the concept and products of 'the golden Rabbit' already at its 'Store of the Day' series. In an interview with another publication (, Petra Wenzel and Werner Lippert announce the upcoming opening of a gallery at 'the golden Rabbit' after the motto once curator, always curator. And yes, the store's logo shows a rabbit which is drawn after Albrecht Dürer's young hare; 'the golden Rabbit' holds a hand fork and a freshly harvested carrot.

fig.: Portrait of Petra Wenzel, the former museum director of NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is co-founder and CEO of 'the golden Rabbit'. Photo: The golden Rabbit, (C) Moxie. Images below: View at the interior of 'the golden Rabbit' at Ackerstrasse 159 in Düsseldorf; left, Petra Wenzel at the 'Apothecary Garden'; right, the workwear range with overalls, aprons, etc. Photos: (C) The golden Rabbit.

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