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22 July 2016

X-ray photo artist Nick Veasey's explorations of obsessive lifestyle presented by Lumas

Brand new this summer at the international art photo gallery Lumas (in Austria in Vienna and Salzburg) are the works by British x-ray photo artist Nick Veasey such as the 'Pink Panther Grid' which gives insights into the life of the owner of the luggage and his and her private practices. Nick Veasey explains on his website that he explores the world behind the visual appearance like objects of fashion. At the Pink Panther Grid picture on this page, sexy lingerie with high heels, a pink diamond and other objects make think of the movie 'Pink Panther' - a comedy about a French police detective. Veasay provides quasi un-masked images with focus on behavioral lifestyle " using x-rays to strip back the layers and show what it is like under the surface." The artist's work is also about security technology at airports and makes aware that the usually covered inventory of a case becomes information which can be processed by the government. So, take care how much of your obsessive lifestyle you share!

fig.: 'Pink Panther Grid' by Nick Veasey (bio, exhibitions...). Photo: Nick Veasey, The 'Pink Panther Grid' is available since 19 July 2016 at Lumas.

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