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29 August 2016

Fashionoffice interior FW16/17 tip: Afro Chic frames recylced from wood and beanbags made of used clothing

The picture frames by Afro Chic are made of used wood and produced by a small team in a manufactory in Cape Town, South Africa. The wood is collected in the city and the region around. Old windows, furniture, doors and floors get a second life as unique frames as the materials' used look is part of the Afro Chic esthetics. The Austrian company Afro Chic recycles also textiles for beanbags - such as the colorful seat on view at the image. The seats are made of recycled clothing items which are cut into stripes; the stripes are woven on hand-looms, then cut again and sewn together as patchwork cover of the inner bag which is filled with styrofoam.

Photo: Afro Chic.

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