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1 November 2016

Action and nature photographer Ray Demski's images printed on Bogner Fire + Ice sportswear

...such as on fabrics for leggings and first layer long-sleeve shirt on view at the image styled with a down skirt. Bogner Fire + Ice publishes on occasion of the collaboration an own page with statements by Ray Demski and Bogner Fire + Ice designer Tom Becker. The article 'Wearing The Mountains' reveals where in the Swiss Alps and California the photographer found his motifs and provides insights into the challenge of printing images on functional sportswear. Fire + Ice designer Tom Becker points out that the shadow-play of scenes was crucial for the selection.

Items of the women's and men's wear capsule collection of snow sport items are already available online like the first layer shirts for women (image right) and for men; last mentioned is presented in a similar styling like the outfit combination on view on this page.

Photo: Bogner Fire + Ice

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