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30 August 2016

Tip for webshop owners: Rollei's new professional flashes for product (jewelry) and people (fashion) photography

Selling products online was probably 15 years ago only possible for a few who had the known-how and money for the production of an online catalogue with shopping function. In the meanwhile, almost every professional fashion, beauty or accessory brand website offers the possibility to shop products. In many cases labels offer worldwide shipping or delivery at countries where they are represented. The investment into a well calculated online presentation even pays when the shop pages are only used for the orientation 'where is what to find' by local consumers who prefer to shop offline.

Calculation is crucial when it comes to plan the development of a digital fashion or jewelry boutique; one of the highest costs concern the returning seasonal outlays for the production (inclusively usage rights) of images of items of the new collection. By owning the rights, the pictures can be used cost saving (as no additional fees occur) also for public relations (press material for media) or advertising (such as display ads like banners).

fig.: Now, Rollei offers two new products which make the production of online shop photos especially for small and medium sized companies more affordable. The first product on view on this page is already available: the light tent is designed for small products like jewelry. The new flash units 56 and 58 (compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras) can be used for larger objects like furniture or fashion photography (image below). The flash units are announced for the end of September - in stores and online.

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