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15 January 2016

'sports|no sports' is one of the exhibition highlights at MKG Hamburg in 2016

Annotation on 23 August: The exhibition 'sports|no sports' is open from 2 September 2016.

It's always worth to take a closer look at the news provided by MKG Hamburg. Last year, the museum organized fashion and design related exhibitions which allowed another view on the glitter-glam of the industry such as 'Fast Fashion', an exploration of social and environmental impacts of production and consumption of fashion. The exhibition was so successful that it was prolonged and traveled later to the Deutsche Hygiene-Museum in Dresden where it's on show until 3 July. Since last year, the MKG exhibits 'No Name Design' - Fashionoffice entitled the article about it "Sustainability through functional and useful design".

Now, the museum for arts & crafts (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe - MKG) with location Hamburg made the program 2016 public. One of the highlights is 'sports|no sports' (August until November) where collected objects (helmets, sneakers, dresses, suits... and posters, films,,,) from the last 120 years will visualize the ongoing integration of sports into daily life and how it changed sportswear as well as fashion items up to today's outfits which become more and more both at once. At some of the preview images, MKG publishes designs which play with the earnestness of dividing sports from everyday wear.

fig.: Bicycle helmet with nylon braids (which make think of hairdo) 'The ToC Helmdo' by Desirée Hess, Ines Kaag for Bless, Berlin/Paris, 2012; Collection Nr. 46 'Contemporary Remediation'. Image below: Olympic running shoe 'Modell Waitzer' by Gebr. Dassler Sportschuhfabrik, Germany, 1936. Leather sports shoe with brass eyelets and steel spikes.
Photos: © Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.

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