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22 September 2016

Viennacontemporary insights - part II:
Public space sound architects 'Tonspur'

Art fair 'viennacontemporary' (22 - 25 Sept) - Part I: Press talk viennacontemporary at Marx Halle

Yesterday at the light-flooded entrance hall of Marx Halle, Fashionoffice had the chance to talk with Tonspur Artistic Director Georg Weckwerth (image left) and Sound Architect Peter Szely.

Even the ones who aren't sound-art insiders know the work of Tonspur here in Vienna. Since 2003, Tonspur collaborates with MQ - Museumsquartier. At a passage of MQ, sounds installed by Tonspur transform an around ten meter long public road through a passage into an acoustic art space. The sound works are changing from time to time. Currently, the ca. 20 minutes audio play by Paul Plamper 'Future Dealers' is looping (listen at at MQ. Tonspur have already engineered compositions by artists like Peter Weibel or Franz Graf for the stage or exhibition spaces. At the entrance hall of viennacontemporary at Marx Halle, Tonspur plays a selection of the sound architects' 'T_collection' which consists of over 70 masterpieces of sounds. Peter Weibel and Franz Graf for example can be listened tomorrow on 23 September.

The playlist at viennacontemporary:

21.9. Robert Jacobsen, Werner Reiterer, Christina Kubisch, Via Lewandowsky
22.9. William Engelen, John Oswald, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Astrid Seme
23.9. Peter Weibel, Franz Graf, Gary Hill, Arnold Dreyblatt
24.9. Robert Schwarz, Candice Breitz/Alex Fahl, Timm Ulrichs, James Benning
25.9. Charles Atlas, Jacob Kirkegaard, Wolfgang Mitterer, Julius Deutschbauer
Permanent: Sabine Groschup

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