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14 March 2017

Austrian Mint presents Easter motifs: lamb and hare

Austrian Mint (originates from the 12th century, belongs to the Austrian National Bank) is known for embossing the country's cultural history into coins. Several months ago, Fashionoffice selected the silver coin 'Egon Schiele' from the Austrian Mint collection for an introduction into the reception of the Austrian painter's work and life nowadays.

For Easter 2017, Austrian Mint designers created the silver and copper coin motif 'Spring Lamb'. The lamb stands for the awakening nature, birth and in ecclesiastical art, it's the symbol for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The mint combines both: nature aspects of the cycle of life as well as the symbolic meaning of infinity. The front side of the coin shows the lamb lying on a juicy flower meadow. At the illustration behind another lamb - this time with banner. It references the 13th century keystone (architectural stone) of church St Egidi in Murau, Styria. The other side is used for the depiction of the coat of arms of the nine provinces of Austria. The coin is available from 22 March.

Copper coins of last year's Easter edition 'Dürer's Young Hare' are according to Austrian Mint available; the silver coins are almost sold out.

fig.: Silver coin 'Spring Lamb' by Austrian Mint, 2017. Photo: © Michael Stelzhammer.

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