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24 December 2017

Cosmic Wonder
Merry Christmas wishes by Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

Today, some wait for Santa Claus and the gifts he brings, others think of the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Christianity which started not only as religion but as social movement for more equality and fairness. Austrian Christians know Santa better as Saint Nicholas whose feast is celebrated on 6 December. In Austria, Saint Nicholas is accompanied by Krampus. But Santa Claus is very practical, well commercialized, popular and appears sometimes as funny figure which has the best equipment (supernaturally powered reindeer-wagon) and personality characteristics (wit and magic) to steal Baby Jesus the show. Both stories, the one of Santa and the birth of Jesus, have one similar narrative thread: the Cosmic Wonder of a celestial phenomenon. In the case of Santa it's the hazardous reindeer-wagon race in the sky from the North Pole to the rooftops of houses and then down through the chimneys to the living rooms where Santa Claus leaves the presents. Even the story of Jesus contains a sort of sky race; three wise men followed the Star of Bethlehem to the birth place of Jesus. The gift is the birth of Jesus and with him the strong believe in a world where people are living in peace.

Fashionoffice wishes love and peace.

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