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13 July 2017

Celebration of 200 years of cycling at the exhibition 'Bicycles' at Schloss Hollenburg nearby Krems, Austria

Tomorrow on 14 July at 16:00, the exhibition 'Bicycles' opens at Schloss Hollenburg nearby Krems, Lower Austria. From 15 July until 17 September, visitors will get insights into the culture of cycling and how it developed in sports as well as in urban environments as everyday transport vehicle and changed with mechanical innovations not only the way we are living together but initiated also the design of new clothing items such as bloomers or knickerbockers for women (image below, right). The exhibition 'Bicycles' travels with photographs, film sequences, sketches,... and around 100 exceptional bicycle models back in time and inspires perhaps the one or other future concept concerning mobility.

fig. from left: The black/white photograph shows a man with bicycle in a studio in Krems, around 1900. He wears his jacket like a cape which allowed probably better mobility while riding; with a special closure, the jacket is fixed to the body. The sketch (Germany, 1899) shows a woman, riding a bike very fast. She is dressed in bloomers (aka knickerbockers) and carries in one hand a handbag, in the other several beer glasses. Press photos provided via

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