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30 April 2017

Karikatur Museum Krems exhibits Eduard Thöny's illustrations for the satirical journal 'Simplicissimus'

The image on this page shows the cover of an issue of the German satirical magazine 'Simplicissimus' (founded 1896 in Munich, published until 1944, continued 1954 until 1967). It wasn't a satirical publication about fashion which could be assumed by this exemplary cover with the title 'Wiener Mode' (transl. 'Vienna Fashion'). The illustration by Eduard Thöny (born in South Tyrol 1866) shows a woman in chic 1920s outfit with big hat, an elegant man and a chauffeur in front of a luxurious car. The text below appears at the first sight neither funny nor meaningful. Simplicissimus was a political satire magazine which carried literary texts by prominent writers like Hermann Hesse or Karl Kraus and reflected with editorial texts and visuals upon society and - especially in the case of illustrator Eduard Thöny - the military.

The German text line under Thöny's illustration "Sei fesch, Steffi! Laß deine fade Kinderspeisung und fahr' mit zu die Kinderpeitschung!" contains a word which was used in the 1920ies as symbol for the wrong-running of politics which focused more on military equipment than the people's welfare; in the case of the word 'Kinderspeisung' (could be translated as children's feeding or supply) it addresses especially children's welfare.

The satirical illustrations by Eduard Thöny such as the one on this page with the title 'Wiener Mode' (which references very possibly a miliary, political strategy developed in Vienna such as the founding of the paramilitary protection organization 'Republikanische Schutzbund' 1923 by the Social Democratic party) will be on view at the exhibition 'Eduard Thöny' from 14 May until 10 September at Karikatur Museum Krems in Lower Austria.

fig.: Simplicissimus – 28. Jahrgang, Nummer 49, mit dem Titelblatt "Wiener Mode" 1924. Druck, 37,5 x 27,5 cm. Copyright: © (Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek Weimar).

At, insights into the journal editions (1896 - 1944) such as the one with the cover illustration 'Wiener Mode' are published.

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