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25 August 2017

Insight into the program of the gallery festival 'curated by_vienna' dedicated to language and art in the digital era

The fanfold design of the program of the annual gallery festival 'curated by_vienna' (15 September - 14 October) makes it easy to navigate from the

  • summarized introduction into the theme 'image/reads/text. Language in Contemporary Art',
  • over the exhibitions at 21 Viennese galleries,
  • the scheduled events with international curators and artists,
  • to the map with location points of the ten guided tours which lead to selected galleries through the city.

The introduction at the folder is a summary of the thoughts behind the theme about language and art in the digital era and how the usage of text, images, visual communication or digital media are approached by the festival's international curators. The full length intro is published at with facts and questions such as the one from a semiotic perspective: "The creation of meaning is automatised by algorithms and controlled by hyperlinks. What impact does this have on our perception and on the way we acquire knowledge?"

The events are published with more detailed information online like the first event (talk, performance) on 15 September with the title 'Deep Shit - Paradigms, Politics and Paranoia of Machine Intelligence' about learning algorithms, military and civil airspace data and artificial intelligence.

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