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16 August 2017

Insights into the work of Austrian forestry manager, biologist Anna Pirtscher at lake Altaussee, Salzkammergut

Working outside of big cities is in the case of digital business companies a welcomed option; for other professions, the country's healthy nature is the job-objective itself - such as in the case of forestry manager and biologist Anna Pirtscher whose work at lake Altaussee (Salzkammergut) is portrayed under the title 'When the boat becomes your desk' at the current Austria Info magazine issue 'On Nature's Trail'. The insights into the outdoor work place dedicated to the protection of the environment are presented elegantly, with partly almost romantic video scenes for demonstrating the impact of research and knowledge on Austria's natural landscape, flora and fauna. Anna Pirtscher is manager of the 'LIFE+ Project Ausseerland' of the European Union 'LIFE' instrument for the support of environmental, nature conservation and climate actions.

fig.: Forestry manager and biologist Anna Pirtscher's work reaches from the protection of the forest over the observation of the water quality and fish population to the development of management plans for environmental actions. Photos captured at lake Altaussee, Salzkammergut: © Österreich Werbung / west4media.

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