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9 May 2017

Jewelry collective 'Stoss im Himmel' part of the Wien Festival which happens in 23 districts on 23 days in June

The atelier of the jewelry artist collective Stoss im Himmel will be one of 23 destinations of the 'Art & Design' program of the 'Wir sind Wien.Festival' (translated 'We are Vienna.Festival') in June.

The festival program spans over several creative fields like theater, music and includes special events for kids or city explorations such as the 'Spectacular Vienna Walks' together with guides through the districts. 'Wir sind Wien.Festival' is part of the activities of 'Basis.Kultur.Wien' by Wiener Volksbildungswerk which was founded 1955 with the aim to support Viennese organizations in the fields education and culture and to create opportunities for the participation of citizens in cultural activities. It's announced that students of the Viennese school for graphics, photography 'Graphische' ( will make photos of all of the events for publication at the festival's website.

The schedule of the 'Art & Design' tour from 1st until 23rd June (18.00 - 21.00) is as follows:
(Tip by Fashionoffice: 1, 6 and 15 June are dates with the highest amount of interesting artists.)

fig.: 1 June at 1st district: As Stoss im Himmel is located at the first district, it will be the first destination of the Art & Design rally. On 1 June from 18.00 - 21.00, visitors can visit the atelier, meet the artists and speak with them about their work ( (Article about a visit of Fashionoffice at Stoss im Himmel from October 2016.) Photo: (C)

2 June at 2nd district: Kurt Spurey (porcelain, paintings)

3 June, 3rd district: Beverly Piersol (walking-art-walking)

4 June, 4th district: Michaela Schwentner (video, installation, performance)

5 June: Birgit Zinner – (objects, graphics)

6 June, several artists at one location at the 6th district:
Karen Holländer (paintings)
Ursula Hübner (paintings, mixed media)
Martin Schnur (paintings)
Anneliese Schrenk (objects)

7 June: Die 4 Grazien (photography, video, paintings)

8 June: Hawy Rahman (Sculpture, graphics, performance)

9 June: Andreas Dworak (paintings)

10 June: Helmut Christof Degn (tree drawings, resonance images)

11 June: Albert Botay (sculptures, graphics)

12 June: Susanne Gamauf (photography, graphics, paintings)

13 June: Melanie van der Donk (ceramic processes)

14 June: Gallery Taps/Tapiwa H. Vambe (recycling art, sculptures, paintings)

15 June, several artists at one address at the 15th district:
Lena Rosa Händle (photography, installations, collages)
Adrienn Kiss (graphics, paintings)
Cinthia Mitterhuber (paintings, drawings)
David Elias Schilling (paintings, drawing)

16 June: Alfred Graselli (paintings, installations, processes)

17 June: Gudrun Lenk-Wane (objects, images, installations)

18 June: Zita Breu (drawings, scripture, photography)

19 June: Rudi Cotroneo (paintings, sculptures)
Olga Pasteková (paintings)

20 June: Patrick Schabus (sculptures, video, installations)

21 June: Atelier Künette/Leo Draxler (sculptures)

22 June: Wolfgang Sagmeister (photography)

23 June: Lisa Est (drawings, print graphics, animated film)

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