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30 March 2017

Works by artists, designers like Björk or Francis Bitonti at Vienna Biennale 2017 'Robots. Work. Our Future.'

Today, Vienna Biennale 2017 revealed the names of the participating artists, designers inclusively institutions, companies whose works will be shown at the art, design and architecture exhibitions under this year's theme 'Robots. Work. Our Future.' from 21 June until 1 October at various locations in Vienna.

One of the exhibitions is 'Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine' - the list of work contributing artists, institutions, companies contains names like urban research institution MIT Senseable City Lab, musician/visual artist Björk, film production company Disney/Pixar Animation Studios, sci-fi filmmaker George Lucas, space agency NASA, or the name of digital fashion designer Francis Bitonti whose 3D-printed 'Molecule Shoes' (image right) will be presented at Vienna Biennale 2017. Francis Bitonti speaks in an interview from 2014 on about his work, his interest in synthetic biology and the impact of technology on the fashion industry. The designer and his approach are exemplary for the research driven Vienna Biennale 2017 'Robots. Work. Our Future.' exhibitions where the people's living (and working) worlds in the digital era and the influence of technologies like artificial intelligence will be explored.

At today's press conference (video below), the representatives of the Vienna Biennale 2017 partner institutions mentioned keywords like 'Citizen Science' (crowd science - knowledge transfer from and to the people) or strategies for the future society's working environments with focus on new education content concerning - alongside to digital programming or techniques - social and creative skills.

fig.: Francis Bitonti Studio Inc., Molecule Shoe, 2015. 3-D print. © Francis Bitonti/photo: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2017.

Video from the 'Vienna Biennale 2017' press conference on 30 March 2017 at Salonplafond at MAK in Vienna. From left to right: Gerald Bast (President, University of Applied Arts Vienna), Vanessa Joan Müller (Head of Dramaturgy, Kunsthalle Wien), Christoph Thun-Hohenstein (General Director of the MAK, Head of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017), Angelika Fitz (Director, Architekturzentrum Wien), Gerhard Hirczi, (General Manager, Vienna Business Agency).

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