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28 May 2017

Surreal dream scenes created by photo artists are part of the latest collection items at Lumas galleries worldwide

The international photo art gallery Lumas added more than 85 works (limited editions, hand-signed) by over 40 artists to the collection which is viewable online and at the galleries worldwide. Several of the artists are brand new at Lumas such as fashion photographer Lucia Giacani. The image left above is from her series 'Killing Time'. It shows a woman in long evening gown standing in front of a wall with watches. She holds a type writer in one hand, the other hand is at her chin such as she is thinking over something. The type writer looks at the first sight like a calculating machine as its paper-filling comes from a roll like it's known from receipts. At the other side, crumpled sheets of paper are lying such as thrown away together with two bags in the design of envelops.

The image in the middle depicts the work of Spanish artist Rosa Muñoz and is entitled 'Sandías y pistolas' ('Watermelons and pistols'). It shows a devastated house which is re-used again. The floor is covered with debris but also with branches of trees or bushes. It looks as if it happened a longer time ago that the ceiling felt down to the floor. The house is used in a lovely way as grocery where water melons and bakery products are arranged in a homely way on and beneath fabrics with chess game-like checked pattern.

The third image 'Motorhome' on this page is from the series 'Life on a flying ship' by German artist Matthias Jung. Lumas presents several flying ships by Matthias Jung. This one looks like a time bomb in the form of a motor which carries a house.

fig. from left: ' Killing Time I'; © Lucia Giacani | Trunk Archive. Middle: 'Sandías y pistolas'; © Rosa Muñoz. Right: 'Motorhome'; © Matthias Jung. All images: ©

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