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17 February 2017

Photographer Michael Martin's nature documentary about deserts 'Planet Wüste' at Edelweiss Mountain Film Festival

Between 2009 and 2015, photographer, author and geographer Michael Martin traveled around the world to capture the nature of planet earth. Inspired by the planets and space expeditions of the 70ies, Michael Martin has followed since his youth the idea of the exploration of nature, especially deserts. His latest project brought him to 26 regions, from arctic poles to deserts - last mentioned gave his project the title 'Planet Wüste' (Planet Desert) which was released as book and film.

The book received last year the science book prize 'Wissensbuch des Jahres 2016' in the category 'Esthetics' as most beautiful book which mediates knowledge. The film is now on screening tour through Austria at the mountain film festival (Bergfilmfestival) by wheat beer label Edelweiss (belongs to Brau Union, Heineken). Edelweiss counts to the country's most favored wheat beers. The recipe originates from the 15th century and uses water from the alpine mountains of Austria; since 2011, the beer is available even in alcohol-free version.

The Bergfilmfestival is organized in cooperation with 'Naturfreunde Österreich' (Friends of Nature Austria) which started in the year 1895 with the mission to bring people in contact with nature. At, the trailer and screening dates of the film are published. It's announced that Michael Martin will attend the screenings for speaking about his work 'Planet Wüste'.

fig.: One of Michael Martin's partners during the project 'Planet Wüste' was photographer Jörg Reuther who made the picture of Michael Martin showing him with a camera on a tripod. Photo provided on occasion of 'Edelweiss Bergfilmfestival 2017': © Jörg Reuther, Michael Martin.

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