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11 April 2017

'Balldesigner' online tool for designing individual footballs

Recently, the Kickstarter campaign for finalizing the Austria-based 'Balldesigner' online tool has started. Fashionoffice tested the functionality of the virtual design studio which isn't ready yet as there isn't any connection to the shop where the individually created ball can be ordered. At, users can choose between the three options 'Multi Panel', 'Panorama' and 'Single Panel'. It's not easy to design a ball. Probably it's useful to search first for various successful ball designs or balls by fashion designers, artists to get an impression what's possible on the panels of the round object and develop then a plan concerning the content (what to communicate) and the formal aspects (colors, graphics like geometrical lines, illustrations such as abstract forms of florals for the gardening club, graffiti for the balls of the street soccer team,...).

Online design tools aren't new; but according to Balldesigner founder Mark Zechiel on occasion of the project presentation in front of investors at the TV series '2 Minuten, 2 Millionen', the 'Panorama' option is exclusively available at The motif will be printed with a special technique around the ball; this opens also an interesting new approach to the preparation of the graphics which can run literally seamless over the ball. The possible partners estimated the project positively - but invested not one cent. On the same day as the project was presented on TV (4 April), initiator Mark Zechiel started the Kickstarter campaign for finalizing the online tool. Goal is to collect 20,000.- Euros until 14 May. Mark Zechiel isn't new in the sports ball business. Since around 10 years, he produces and sells around 30.000 footballs per year to professional clients like retailers, schools, organizations or soccer teams.

fig.: The images shows balls by; most of them with the company's patented flag designs.
Photo: (C) Balldesigner.

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