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11 August 2017

Vienna Insight: Where the city's lifestyle is produced

The writing on the t-shirt (image right) reminds at the first sight the Austrian saying "Ein Wiener Original' or 'Ein echter Wiener' which denotes in a slightly cynical tone a person who behaves and acts like a typical Viennese. The 'typical' behaviour of a Viennese is often associated with comfortableness in the meaning of friendliness and leisureliness, but also with a sort of laziness which is - how an original Viennese might state, the motivation behind the creation of comfortable environments and practical, pleasing products. Being a 'Wiener Original' depends on an attitude!

Since today, the t-shirt is available at the Wiener Einkaufsstrassen online shop. The shop is part of a directory where Viennese brands and retailers of food, fashion, books, jewelry,... who count to the city's lifestyle and culture producers are presented. This year in spring, the collection of Wiener Originale has started. Each week, 25 companies are portrayed at such as the manufactory of the famous 'Original Sacher Torte' or the luxury second hand boutique 'Flo Vintage'. The directory can be used as tour guide through the city! Some of the stores, restaurants, cafes,... originate from the 19th century and impress with original architecture such as the tea store 'Schönbichler' or the restaurant 'Schweizerhaus' which is known for its beer.

fig.: 'Wiener Original' t-shirt by Wiener Einkaufsstraßen, available since 11 August 2017 at Photo: (C) Wiener Einkaufsstraßen-Management, WK Wien.

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