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8 January 2018

Artist Tom Lohner will receive as 'Hete (hetero) of the Year' the LGBTQ-courage award 'Goldene Panthera' at Tuntenball 2018 presented by T-Mobile in Graz, Styria

At the next 'Tuntenball' presented by T-Mobile on 24 February in Graz (capital city of Styria), Austrian artist Tom Lohner will receive as 'Hete (hetero) of the Year' the courage prize 'Goldene Panthera' for his unprejudiced approach to people's sexual orientation. In an interview published at, Tom Lohner speaks about his surprise to get a 'Hete of the Year' nomination, about growing up in US and Austria and the differences between practised friendliness and friendship in both countries, how his own experience of being an outsider during school has strengthened his own courage and tolerance against others, his wishes for his 7-month year old daughter to become aware of the beauty of each day of living - even when the day is grey outside, he speaks about his art and the role of the art scene in general for establishing a tolerant society, about finding love, his first and his second marriage and the costumes his wife (an architect) and he may choose for this year's Tuntenball theme 'Let's Play'.

fig.: The image shows Tom Lohner in front of two of his paintings. The artist is inspired by iconic movie characters, actors and musicians. Photo (provided by Tom Lohner): (C) Philipp Lihotzky.

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