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11 April 2018

'Flair' magazine - according to the makers 'Austria's first international fashion magazine', celebrated 10 years anniversary with the country's trendsetters in Vienna

The magazine is available at kiosks in Austria and almost everybody from the Viennese fashion scene knows the literally 'heavyweight' under the fashion publications made of glossy paper; the April issue counts not only more than 250 pages.
Over the last ten years, Flair has published alongside to trend journalism, exclusive literary content by authors such as Robert Menasse, Thomas Glavinic, or texts by philosophers like Konrad Paul Liessmann or literature scientist Barbara Vinken.

The print-publication stands for fashion with the special 'flair' above the average consumer level such as the title of the magazine suggests. This flair attracts even the city's most important trendsetters such as Wendy & Jim (picture below right, Hermann Fankhauser and Helga Ruthner), one of Austria's labels which are known beyond the country's borders and active in the education of design talents. The duo was among the around 400 guests who celebrated recently on 5 April at Albertina Passage in Vienna together with publisher Desirée Treichl-Stürgkh and chief editor Ingrid Geringer (picture below left) the 10th anniversary of 'Flair' spread by the two women over Vienna and Austria. The opening day of Austria's most important fashion event - MQ Vienna Fashion Week, is contributed to 'Flair' magazine and highlights this way every year with official introductions by politicians the importance of the publication for the country.

fig. from left: Nadja Bernhard (ORF TV-anchorwoman), Ingrid Geringer and Desirée Treichl-Stürgkh celebrated 10th anniversary of 'Flair', according to the makers 'Austria's first international fashion magazine'. The magazine title of the Italian publisher Mondadori is produced and distributed in Austria through Aheadmedia. Image right: Wendy & Jim duo Hermann Fankhauser and Helga Ruthner. Photos captured on 5 April 2018 at Albertina Passage in Vienna: (C) Starpix/Alexander TUMA, 10 Jahre Flair Magazin.

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