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30 March 2018

Interior textiles with historical and modern patterns from renaissance to nowadays seen at the new arts & crafts directory of the Austrian castle magazine 'Schlossseiten'

'Schlossseiten' magazine can be read like a castle guide through Austria, used as source to find a location for an event like a wedding, or can be utilized as inspiration for the design of the own home. Especially for the last mentioned type of use, Schlossseiten publishes the new arts & crafts directory 'Schlossseiten Handwerk' where the magazine makers introduce into the services of specialized manufactories, craftspeople and retailers with short descriptions and contact information. One of them is Vienna-based furnishing and interior textiles store 'Staltner & Fürlinger' by Bettina Hirsch-Stronstorff and her daughter Stephanie Schmutterer. At Staltner & Fürlinger, customers will find around 300.000 fabric patterns by international producers of a wide range of historical fabrics from the renaissance, baroque, up to the 20th century like well-known names from design and architecture such as William Morris or Josef Frank, as well as textiles by contemporary fashion labels such as Etro, Matthew Williamson, Missoni, or Ralph Lauren.

fig.: The image shows Bettina Hirsch-Stronstorff and her daughter Stephanie Schmutterer at their store Staltner & Fürlinger at Liechtensteinstraße 41 in Vienna. Staltner & Fürlinger is specialized in castle interior and home design inclusively the creation of concepts for matching textiles for furniture, curtains, bedspreads, cushions, or lamps. Photo: © SCHLOSSSEITEN/Joseph Gasteiger-Rabenstein.

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