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4 February 2018

Austro-British filmmaker Frederick Baker's virtual reality experience 'Klimt's Magic Garden' deciphers Gustav Klimt's work via interactive journey at MAK Vienna

On 6 February, virtual reality artist and filmmaker Frederick Baker will speak at the opening event of 'Klimt's Magic Garden - A Virtual Reality Experience' at MAK - Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna. For enabling visitors to enter interactively Gustav Klimt's nine-part work once (1910/1911) designed for the mosaic frieze in the dining room of Stoclet Palace in Brussels, Frederick Baker teamed up with sound designer, composer George Taylor, 3D graphic artist Markus Cermak, dramaturg Sandra Fasolt, and Christian Leiss Postproduction who created a sound and visual landscape constructed of elements of Klimt's nine design drawings which are also exhibited throughout the Vienna Modernism Year 2018 as centerpieces of the MAK Permanent Collection Vienna 1900.

Visitors can find their own way through the magic garden or use the guided tour via Frederick Baker's director's cut. At the preview images of the experimental art tour (picture below), Klimt's symbolic elements appear like deciphered hieroglyphics telling the story about nature and its mystic. Frederick Baker reconstituted the Klimt designs "...into a mountain landscape of moving clouds and light that is inspired by the Austrian Lake District (Salzkammergut), where Klimt spent his summers and drew much of his inspiration," introduces MAK. The VR-headsets are connected to synchronized screens where other visitors can experience the individual journeys through the labyrinth-like spaces. 'Klimt's Magic Garden' can be gone through until 22 April 2018 at MAK Forum.

fig.: Frederick Baker, Still from the director's cut of 'Klimt's Magic Garden: A Virtual Reality Experience' by Frederick Baker, 2018. © Frederick Baker.

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