10 March 2012 - Short Message

Watch online: film documentaries about #photographers and #computer, #art and technology by the Annenberg Space for Photography

Since 8 March, the Annenberg Space for Photography publishes accessible for everyone online (for "photography enthusiasts who are not able to travel to Los Angeles"), the documentary films created exclusively for the running exhibition 'Digital Darkroom' (until 28 May) about photography, manipulation of images without and with computers. Previously, the films could only be seen by the guests of the exhibition space. The page annenbergspaceforphotography.org/video-gallery/digital-darkroom opens with interviews with 'Digital Darkroom' artists such as Jerry Uelsmann or Maggie Taylor (interview begins at 4.20 - works with photography, computer, and scanner for her fantastic, painted alike vintage photography images) and the curatorial advisor Russell Brown (Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated and instructor of the Emmy Award-winning The Russel Brown Show which provides movie tutorials for digital artists, photographers, publishers).

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