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24 May 2024
Preview of the joint exhibition 'Theft' on Vienna's stolen Jewish heritage with insights into design, fashion and art history and the long road to peace at the Jewish Museum and the Wien Museum recently received an invitation to the press event of the new exhibition 'Theft' (German title: Raub) at the Jewish Museum Vienna, which will open on June 5th. 'Theft' is a joint exhibition that can be seen at both the Jewish Museum and the Wien Museum until October 27. The preview of the exhibition's structure shows how the research results of the institutions - the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Wien Museum - on the collected objects and documents shed light on the biographies of Austrians who belonged to the country's cultural elite...

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24 May 2024 - music video tip: 'Nice to Meet You' by Imagine Dragons, album 'Loom' (June 28)

23 May 2024
The influence of culinary experiences on the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is presented in the new exhibition 'Mozart at Table'

The exhibition 'Mozart at Table', which opens tomorrow, May 24, in the museum of Mozarthaus Vienna, Domgasse 5, in the first district of Vienna, has been curated by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fuchs and Prof. Dr. Otto Biba, both musicologists and music historians. It focuses on the cultural and social aspects of eating and drinking in Mozart's life, a topic that is being explored in depth for the first time...

22 May 2024
Amazon and Berlin-based vegan nail polish manufacturer OZN have launched a new exclusive shade

Exporting is a buzzword for small and medium-sized businesses that want to collaborate with Amazon. One of them is Berlin-based vegan nail polish maker OZN, which partnered with Amazon to launch a new exclusive nail color called 'Pippa'...

21 May 2024
Levi's pays tribute to LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture with a new collection and campaign featuring members of the entertainment business

Fashion and entertainment are traditional stages for defining and publicly breaking social rules about gender roles. recently received a press release about Levi's latest Pride-themed collection, including pictures of the new campaign and archival images from the 1960s, such as gold lurex pants and a vest. This year, the American jeans brand is paying homage to the country's rodeo culture, remembering the 'Rainbow Rodeos' of the 1970s as one of the milestones for a more inclusive society...

20 May 2024 - music tip: 'The Dinner' by Billie Eilish, album 'Hit Me Hard And Soft'

20 May 2024
Vienna Insight: MAK fundraising dinner with Gmundner Keramik plates designed by artist Jakob Lena Knebl

The artists' dinner was initiated to celebrate the creative power of applied arts. The event took place within the exhibition 'Hard/Soft. Textiles and Ceramics in Contemporary Art,' which showcased contemporary artistic designs. The day featured contributions from various artists, including a special edition of plates by Jakob Lena Knebl, created in collaboration with Gmundner Keramik, which were used to serve the meal. Proceeds from the event will support the MAK Collection and the upcoming major exhibition 'Peche Pop. Tracing Dagobert Peche in the 21st Century'...

19 May 2024 - music video tip: NME presents the new single 'Zombieland' by Jake Bugg from the upcoming album 'A Modern Day Distraction' with video and statement of the musician about the song's political message.

19 May 2024 - watch tip: Video tour with Andrew Bolton, curator of The Costume Institute at the Met - Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, through the exhibition 'Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion'.

18 May 2024 save the date tip June 15 & 16: Hand-picked design, art and culinary delights at the first 'Cream Vienna', organized by Katrin Hofmann of Fesch'markt

Katrin Hofmann's new project 'Cream' is, as she told on the phone, smaller than the former Fesch'markt with more special products, such as brands with a stronger focus on exclusivity and individuality, be it in the field of creative cooks, who will serve dishes at the upcoming Cream Vienna on June 15 and 16 at the event location Reaktor, or shoes by shoemaker Christine Dünser, who produces bags and custom-made shoes in her manufactory in a former knitting factory in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg. In Vienna it will be possible...

17 May 2024
Seen at the Austrian State Prize for Design 2024 exhibition: Noise-absorbing interior element from recycled textiles, shaped by a fashion designer using ancient techniques took part in the press tour through the exhibition 'Best of Austrian Design', which showcases exceptional designs submitted for the 50th anniversary edition of the Austrian State Prize for Design 2024 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. One interior product presented at the designforum space is likely to catch the eye of fashion specialists. The pleated design of the hybrid acoustic and lighting element by the Graz-based product design studio '13&9 Design' for the Belgian company BuzziSpace, which specializes in sound-absorbing furniture and solutions, may remind visitors of pleated clothing. Jury member Annette Lang introduced the development of the element called 'BuzziPleat'...

17 May 2024 - music tip: 'Chihiro' by Billie Eilish from the album 'Hit Me Hard And Soft' (released today). The song references the role of the character Chihiro, a ten-year-old girl who explores life in the video game-like Oscar-winning animated fantasy adventure film 'Spirited Away'.

15 May 2024
AI is at the forefront of theoretical discussions and practical applications, such as the 'Escape Fake' app adventure 'Trouble with eLiza', where players uncover deepfakes and search engine manipulation

Digital technologies and especially AI are dominating the culture-related information that arrives in the mailboxes of these days. One of the press releases received today was about a practical cybersecurity project launched by a company from Austria that focuses on teaching media literacy in schools with a playful app to combat a cyber threat: fake news and disinformation. The 'Escape Fake' app...

14 May 2024
Vienna Insight: attended conversations about turning citizens into 'designers' of the future through active and competent use of digital technologies

AI, robots, and the impact of digital technologies on our societies, political landscapes, economies, and labor markets are evidently shaping contemporary discourses. The rapid evolution of new technologies is outpacing itself in increasingly shorter intervals. What was considered fast yesterday is now surpassed by even faster and more immersive advancements. attended an event featuring talks and discussions that have become essential for those interested in actively designing the future. The event concluded with the University of Vienna's semester question, "Do we know what AI will know?", which prompted speakers and audience members alike to reflect on the topics discussed that evening...

13 May 2024 - music video tip: 'Little Foot Big Foot' feat. Young Nudy by Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) from the album 'Atavista'. The album is the finished version of the album '3.15.20'. Childish Gambino announced the dates of the world tour.

13 May 2024
What makes an outdoor table setting trendy? Individuality and inspiration from nature, as seen at Villeroy & Boch. researched the latest outdoor dining trends and came across Villeroy & Boch's press release on the brand's style recommendations for preparing an elegant summer table setting in the garden or on the patio. The German company presented in its outdoor trend release earthenware in organic shapes with reactive glaze for a unique pottery look in colors inspired by nature...

12 May 2024
Preview of the public viewing of Euro 2024 football matches in Vienna

The bets for the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship - Euro 2024 - show two clear favorites: England and France. Austria is not among the top teams in today's bookmakers' rankings. However, it's already an achievement to be one of the 24 teams that will play in ten different stadiums in ten different cities in Germany from June 14 to July 14, starting with the Munich Football Arena and ending with the final at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The Summer Camp at the Salettl in the 9th district of Vienna provided insights into the upcoming public viewings...

12 May 2024 - Eurovision Song Contest 2024 winner Switzerland convinced with the song 'The Code' by Nemo, which deals with gender identity and finding one's place in the world. Nemo is the first non-binary winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. The musician was dressed by Malmö-based label 'Pampas' (Instagram post). The last Swiss winner was Celine Dion in 1988 with the song 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'. In 2025, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Switzerland.

11 May 2024
Austria's Eurovision Song Contest representative Kaleen, dressed by Marina Hoermanseder and US-based designer Stefan Orlic, reached the final

The bets weren't good for Austria's Eurovision representative. But Kaleen, dressed in a dazzling Swarovski-crystal outfit designed by renowned Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder and US-based designer Stefan Orlic, won over the audience with her performance of 'We Will Rave' and earned a ticket to today's final thanks to the votes of the public and the jury...

11 May 2024 - music tip: 'Too Sweet' by Hozier, from the 'Unheard EP'

10 May 2024 - music tip: 'Take A Bite' by ​beabadoobee, album 'This Is How Tomorrow Moves' (August 16)

9 May 2024
Europe's second-oldest porcelain manufactory Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien presents signature Viennese tableware with Martina Hohenlohe, a representative of the Austrian way of life

Ask an Austrian - or even a large language-model chatbot - to name two signature tableware designs, one in ceramic and one in porcelain, and the answers are likely to be the green flamed design from Gmundner Keramik and the 'Vienna Rose' (or Viennese Rose) creation from Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien. The latter is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a campaign focusing on the use of the sets featuring the famous 1920s design. The décor was designed by the company's employees and presented to the public in 1924...

8 May 2024
Olympic and Paralympic Team Austria presented the outfits for Paris with a focus on inclusion and sustainability on an airy catwalk

Athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic Team Austria unveiled the official outfits for Paris 2024 in a fashion presentation at Vienna's MQ Libelle. The collection, comprising 60 pieces from eight outfitters and valued at €4,300, combines the functionality of performance wear with sustainability requirements for pieces in the team's signature colors of red-white-red, referencing the colors of the Austrian flag. For the Opening Ceremony, the athletes will appear in a sporty-elegant interpretation of the Austrian national costume, the Tracht...

8 May 2024 - 'Save the date' tip (June 6): The fashion department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna 'Modeklasse' announced the upcoming 'Show Modeklasse' on its lively Instagram channel, where posts like fashion visuals of this year's diplomas or a tip to read an interview by the Financial Times with the director of Modeklasse, Craig Green, who is quoted in the article's title "I encourage my students to create fearless work", are published.

7 May 2024
Mission Austria cooperates with fashion school Michelbeuern for Miss Austria and Mister Austria contest

A 'Mission Austria' in the truest sense of the word is currently underway in the country's fashion industry. The fashion school Michelbeuern and 'Mission Austria', the organizers of the Miss Austria and Mister Austria contest, have joined forces. The finalists - five women and five men - will be dressed in custom-made outfits...

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