13 January 2012 - Short Message

#Shoes, #cars, #stockings, porn chic, femininity, capitalism; seen at the art of Madeleine Berkhemer

Artist Madeleine Berkhemer (NL, studied originally fashion design at the Academy for Visual Arts in Rotterdam) uses luxury items like shoes by Christian Louboutin and stockings for installations around sexuality/femininity and its weaving into our society. Berkhemer - who is convinced that today's porn chic in art and culture is not only a hype and that 'erotic' is an universal timeless reality, incorporates for her explorations of themes like freedom of women, capitalism, and consumerism, a lot of sex appeal.

The multi-disciplinary artist makes sculptures like 'Cern' (for the representation of the environment, she has bonded two porcelain balls together with stockings), develops shoe/stocking 'Sandwiches', presents her own legs with shoes in marble, or performs in 'Milly's Maserati Show' at the Galerie du Jour of Agnes B (video below) where she turns provocatively art gallery visitors into voyeurs.

Madeleine Berkhemer places herself "in a 'post-feminist' female-artist generation which nether seeks to criticize nor destroy the male society, but rather manages to appropriate it in a subversive act." states the artist in an interview published on her website madeleineberkhemer.com.

On 19 January 2012, the exhibition 'Garden of Delight' (a space installation with organic appeal made of a meat red colored net which contains round objects) by Madeleine Berkhemer opens at the gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary in Vienna (until 9 March 2012).

Video: Performance 'Milly's Maserati Show I' by Madeleine Berkhemer at the Galerie du Jour of Agnes B, 15 September - 23 November 2004, Paris.


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