14 March 2012 - Short Message

#Art made accessible for blind people at the exhibition 'Beyond Seeing' at Stift Admont in #Austria (25 March - 8 July 2012)

On 24 March 2012, the exhibition 'Beyond Seeing - art connects blind people and sighted people' of works that can be touched, heard, smelt, and possibly even tasted opens at the Stift Admont (founded in 1074) in Styria, Austria. The Baroque building of the monastery Admont hosts an extensive library; probably the world's largest monastic library - it is open to the public and visitable without a guide as well. Since 1997, Stift Admont collects mostly young emerging Austrian artists for the own Contemporary Art Museum. Views on our current way of living by artists like Thomas Baumann, Maria Hahnenkamp, Fabio Zolly, to name only three, can be experienced with all senses at 'Beyond Seeing' until 8 July 2012.

"Looking beneath the surface reveals the fundamental questions of life." stiftadmont.at

The video (posted in December 2011) provides insights into the monastery 'Stift Admont' where Baroque architecture, 70.000 restored books, contemporary art, spiritual living, and education find together. For the symbiotic relationship of modern art and cultural tradition, the monastery received the Austrian Museum Prize in 2005.

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