19 January 2012 - Short Message

#Music video 'The Man' by the #Viennese band Black Shampoo

The music of the Vienna based trio Black Shampoo remembers 70ies punk trash rock played on guitars in a garage that is filled with the smoke of tobacco. Black Shampoo's music is compared on musicaustria.at with bands like Canned Heat and Dead Kennedys.

'The Man' is from the debut 5-tracks EP 'Curious Kid' (released 2010) by the trio consisting of Saskia Kasper (bass), Lukas Friesenbichler (drums, back vocals), and Jakob Brem (guitar, lead vocals). Recently, the Black Shampoo have presented their full-length album 'Whipped Cream' (Sept 2011); listen selected tracks online on blackshampoomusic.com.

Video: 'The Man' by the Black Shampoo, 2011. Concept and realization by the Austrian graphic designer Hubert Wedel together with Black Shampoo. The video is filmed with an iPhone 4 and received on musicaustria.at the title 'artistically valuable'.


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