28 February 2012 - Short Message

#Music: 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' by Fela Kuti from the 1980s Detroit Concert (album release on 8 May, Knitting Factory Records)

On 8 May 2012, Knitting Factory Records releases the album 'Live In Detroit, 1986' which consists of songs from Afro-beat legend Fela Kuti's 'Detroit Concert`debut US tour with the orchestra 'Egypt 80' in 1986.

There is a story behind the concert which begins two years earlier when Fela Kuti planned his first US tour. He had to stay in Nigeria as he was imprisoned. Fela Kuti was set free with the help of Amnesty International in April 1986 and joined two months later Amnesty's 'Conspiracy Of Hope' US tour.

One of the songs from 'Live In Detroit, 1986' is for example 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense'. It is about democracy in Africa, corruption, and the exploitation of the natural ressources of the continent. The song was recorded in the same year in the studio. When Fela Kuti sings about laughing it is laughing beyond crying. He is cited on fela.net: "The government steals money from the country, the same government is introducing austerity measures—forcing the poor people to pay for their own greed and calling it ‘austerity measures'."

The following excerpt of 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' from the upcoming album 'Live In Detroit, 1986' was recorded live at the Fox Theater in Detroit in November 1986.


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