Healthy and energy friendly recipe:

The fatburning version of Fish & Chips

The 'wild salmon swimming against bacon with pommes de terre à la française and colorful green, red, yellow bell peppers' needs 2 pots, an oven, one cup and only 30 minutes cooking time to become a tasteful fatburner.

fig. original: Wild Salmon (certified as sustainable seafood by and Pommes Frites with 5% fat from sunflower oil (unsaturated fatty acids; the producer follows the recommendations of the WHO - World Health Organization).

1st pot:

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

How to make it:

Slice the bell peppers and garlic cloves and add them into the hot oil. Keep them in the covered pot for around 30 minutes on low temperature.

2nd pot:



Additional ingredient for the 2nd pot: mustard-sauce

How to make it:

Heat onion and garlic in oil until they become glassy; add crème fraîche and then the cubed bacon, pepper, rosaries, thyme and white wine. Let it simmer for around 7 minutes, mix capers, the mustard-sauce and salt to the sauce. After around further 5 minutes simmering, the sauce is ready for the salmon; let it swim in the sauce until it's through, ca. 5 min. Serve the fatburning fish with the bacon sauce, the colorful green, red, yellow bell peppers, and pommes frites (calculate 20 minutes preparation time for the pommes frites on the plate in the oven - without using any fat).

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